Dear Mr. Levin,
My family and I had every intention of attending your book signing on Saturday.
However at the last minute we were unable to attend. I was extremely dissapointed because I had completed your book the day before and I wanted to tell you in person how much I enjoyed it and how many tissues I expended. I too have recently lost my best friend “Buttons”. Time has passed but it is still difficult to forget how much he is missed. We now have a new dog “Champ” who we rescued from a shelter. He is great company and each day is a new adventure.

Having read your book, I can feel your pain about having made that final decision.
I hope this poem will help ease the doubts you are experiencing. Hope I will meet you and have your book signed at another date.

Time will help heal and your faith will help.

Hope you enjoy the poem.

A Thank You From Heaven

Even though our time together was short

And a long battle was fought

I cannot tell you how grateful I am

For the time we shared

You always made me know how much you cared.

Your love was never ending

And I hope your heart is mending

Please do not be sad

Because I’m with you on good days and bad

I remember walks and private talks

How happy I was when you came home

And how you comforted me when I let out a moan

I want you to know I hear
you at that beautiful tree
you dedicated to me

It is truly a beautiful tribute
I also want you to know my

Life with the Levin’s were
the best days

Like the warmth of the sun’s rays

Please don’t forget me

But please try to see that because of you

I had a brother too

Each day was full of fun

Our time together on earth
May be done

But nothing meant more to me than to have been your son

Never forget my love for
You, my parents (Kendall and Mark) and my siblings
Lauren, Chase and Pepsi

I can only say that Grifin is
One lucky dog

It gives me comfort to know
You have someone to care for you

Till we meet again, and we will

God Bless You All !

Phyllis from NY