I’m 48 years old. Until now I have never felt a better forum to tell the story of my heroic German Sheppard named Butch. I was 8 years old growing up in a very tough part of town in San Antonio, Texas. There were no curbs, sidewalks or streetlights in my world. I was always allowed to play outside because since I was 5 years old Butch always Protected me and would not allow me to go beyond the yard. We were very poor and since my 8th birthday I was the man of the house, my father was in the Marine Corps and sending all his money home which was nineteen dollars a month. I shined shoes inside the corner bar for money. I walked home right before dark and gave my Mother the money. I had one joy in my life. My beautiful dog named Butch.

I supported my dog by making the money to buy his food. I fed and watered him religiously. I loved my dog. Working this bar exposed me to unsavory individuals. My mother and I had many arguments about it but I always won because I brought home money that we needed not only for my dog but for my family, and I always took care of my responsibilities when it came to buying dog food and watering and feeding Butch. Everyday I washed his water and his food bowl and filled them. I never let him eat or drink out of dirty bowls. I loved my dog. One day I left the bar carrying my money and shoe shine box to start walking the three blocks to my house. A drunk man followed me. I was so scared that I started walking faster and then running and then screaming on the way home. Before I got to my house this man caught me, he had his hand on my shoulder and was gripping and stretching my T-shirt as I kept running away from him, I can still feel his panting breath in my ear. My dog Butch was there and attacked the man chasing me.

Butch came out of nowhere and tackled this monster off of me. I still remember the vicious sound of Butchs’ attack. I don’t mind telling you that if you are ever being attacked like I was, you want your defender to be vicious. My dog busted into this pervert and put himself in between us. He chased him across the street and that’s when the car hit Butch and dragged him under the car all the way down the street. The car never stopped. My Mom and I walked down the street and picked up all the pieces of my dog and brought them home for burial in our back yard. My dog saved my life. That man was gonna hurt me. My dog Butch in some way knew I needed him and he didn’t fail me. He brought the heat and saved me, and he paid with his life. I will always love Butch and if there is any justice in this world, I will hug him again and thank him myself when I meet him. Thank you Butch for taking care of me, I love you, I miss you, I’ll see you again buddy. Love you. And I want you to know that I went on in life to become a Marine and I will always fight like you to take care of my country or any person in need.

Dan from TX