My son talked his Mom into loaning him the money to buy a white registered Chow at a flea market here in town.
The little pup was only six weeks old and would fit in your hand and it would look like you were holding a piece of cloud.
My son was 16 at the time and he lived with us until he was 21 and we ” inherited’ the dog, Buster, when my son moved out.
We’ve had him ever since and he’s now 18 years old.
Last year he got down real bad with hip displaysia and eveyrone told me to put him down.

There was no way in Hell I was going to do that.
For one whole year I bought supplements for him, cleaned up after he soiled the blankets we had put down for him and hand fed and watered him. After a year he started taking his first steps again and now as long as I can afford to buy the supplements for him he is very able to get around and eat and drink and go outside on his own.
I realize that he’s going to go one day but it’ll be here, in my home, by my side as long as he’s not suffering.

I think my experience just goes to prove that these animals have a tremendous heart and understand and respond to the love we give them.

James from TX