Mark, I want to thank you for such a touching story that so many of us can, in different ways , relate to. I knew much of the story, being a daily listener of your program. I had expected that when I read the book, I would certainly break down and cry somehwere near the end, however, I found myself tearing up on page 11 or 12. It was the part where you first met Sprite and it so reminded me of the first time I met my beloved “Buster”. Buster is the most joyful and gentle rottweiler I have ever known, and is truly a most loyal member of my family. He is 7 now and is slowing down some. I have long had anticipitory greif, having lost two dogs before, Kelly and Griz. This book honors your friend in the way he deserves and I am so glad you wrote it. Many of my friends will be recieving it for Christmas!

Thank You,

David from Idaho