We had to put our dog “Bullet”, a Pit Bull to sleep on May 13, 2007. My daughter got him when he was 8 weeks old in October 1999. My husband and I were not happy that she got a pit bull because all we had heard about pit bulls was negative. Bullet became a part of our family; he was a very loving dog, we all came to love him very much. In March 2007 he was treated for a bladder infection, after being on the medicine he did not get any better, his vet did blood work and x-rays but could not figure out what was wrong. The vet recommended he get an ultrasound which revealed he had cancer, a fast growing tumor in his prostate that had no cure, would become very painful and meant he had a short time to live comfortably. His cancer was rare for his breed, his age and in a neutered male. He was put on pain medicine, which made him feel somewhat better but we did not want to let him get real sick or be in pain.

The day we decided to put Bullet to sleep my daughter, Angie and her boyfriend, Jeff grilled a big steak for Bullet’s last breakfast; he was allowed to sit on a large stool at the kitchen table and was very happy to be with family. After breakfast, my husband Tom, son Patrick, Angie and Jeff then took him to the vet to be put to sleep. Bullet had to have surgery on his hip in 2004 which caused him anxiety going to the vet, so the vet was kind enough to come outside in the yard and allow Bullet to go to sleep on his favorite blanket. Tom and Angie held him until he was gone, Patrick and Jeff were also there but both were too upset to stay beside him. My husband brought him home and buried in our back yard. Bullet was a very sweet “pit bull” and we still miss him a lot. Before we had Bullet none of us realized how much you could love a pet. They do become a part of your family and the loss is very hard. We now have “Abel”, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier who is wonderful and we do not want to even think about losing him. So instead we just enjoy him as much as possible. My husband, who did not want another dog is in love with Abel and Abel adores him.

The following was written by Angie to her Dad concerning Bullet in 2000.

JUNE 18, 2000


Dad was never a dog lover. He wasn’t cold-hearted or anything, he just didn’t like hair on his sofa, drool, or the smell of wet dog. For those reasons I never had the joy of a dog growing up, despite my love for them. So, once I moved into my own apartment my second year of college I bought, Bullet, a beautiful American Pit Bull Terrier.

I was worried about my father’s reaction to Bullet, considering he wasn’t a dog lover and the fact that pit bulls are such a misunderstood breed. Luckily, I’ve always been “Daddy’s little girl”, and sensing my anxiety, my father agreed to make an effort to tolerate Bullet. For the first two months Bullet was lucky to get a pat on the head from my Dad. The puppy however, continued to persist, determined to earn my Dad’s love. He’d greet him each time he saw Dad with enthusiasm and that loving doggie smile. Bullet always tried to include my father in a game of fetch or tug-of-war. The young pit bull seemed confident that his puppy dog eyes and floppy ears could win anyone over.

Slowly, but surely Dad came around, as Bullet knew he would. My father didn’t readily admit it, but the whole family could sense his change of heart. Sometimes, if the windows were open, I’d overhear Dad talking to Bullet like they had been friends forever. Then Dad started bringing home toys or other treats, he said just happened to be on sale. Dad’s true feelings came out for sure though, one night when it was just he and Bullet in the house. Dad came home from work and Bullet was in his crate. My Mom and I were out and weren’t due back for another two hours. Bullet would have been fine in his crate but Dad couldn’t resist his sweet, loving eyes. When I came home and saw Dad puppy-sitting by choice, I knew it was just the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

Since that night Bullet has visited Dad’s office at work, Dad took me and Bullet to compete in a dog show, and has played countless games of fetch with him. Every time Dad eats, Bullet gets a treat too, because Dad feels guilty eating in front of him. Dad is now quick to defend pit bulls and is disgusted by people who mistreat them.

When my parents went to Florida and Dad called to give me the number of where they will be. My suspicions that Bullet had turned Dad into a true dog lover were confirmed, when he asked me to hold the phone up to Bullet’s ear so that Dad could talk to him. I couldn’t help but laugh when Bullet tried to lick the phone, remembering how worried I was about Dad not accepting Bullet.

Cathy from VA