It is my honor to introduce Bueller to you. He was a wonderful friend whose time was cut too short. Bueller was 6 1/2 when he suddenly left us. He is a blue Great Dane and the best four legged friend I will ever know. He could stop full grown men in there tracks as they would bend over to say “that is the most beautiful I ever did see”. Scenes like that were frequent occurrences when we lived in Springfield Missouri. I have never seen a big “biker dude” tear up over a dog before I had Bueller.

Bueller was so playful and didn’t know a stranger. He could run like a cheetah and turn on a dime. It was wonderful to watch him run. Most of the time he thought he was a lap dog, but at 140 lbs we were sure he was not. When we moved from Missouri to Florida, then to Michigan, he rode most of the way on my wife’s lap as I drove the moving truck. It took months for her bruises to go away but she would do it all over again to have him by her side. Bueller was my birthday gift to her on her 24th birthday. When we found him, or I should say he found us, we were looking for a Great Dane. Bueller had been sold to someone in Chicago but they never came to pick him up. He was getting older and the breeder was worried that no one would want him if he were to get any older. Bueller kept his distance that first day but was curious to our every move.

He would hide behind bushes, under a car, or around a corner to peek at us but never let us out of his sight. A few days after our visit to the breeder, I returned to pick him up as my wife and I could not stop talking about the curious little blue Dane who followed us all over that day. Bueller would get separation anxiety so we brought Wyatt into the family to be with him when he could not go with us on long trips. Bueller would lose so much weight when we would leave him but when his good buddy Wyatt came along, he did so much better. My wife and I will always hold Bueller dear to our hearts and be grateful to Wyatt for his companionship to Bueller. Wyatt is a Giant Schnauzer and seeks approval more than any dog I have known.

He is a wonderful friend and playmate to our daughter. He is a rascally 130 lbs full of love. He will sit at your feet all day just to be near you and get some love. He survived a rough start being born in a litter of 8 on January 1st 2001. The pups were a week early and born outside at night. Only 2 from the litter survived. He is a tough guy with a heart of gold. We love our boys and look forward to reading about Sprite. You’re a man of many talent’s and blessing Mark, and it is good to see you living a life worthy of your calling.

Jon from MI