My dog’s name is( Buddy).He is not the most likable dog but I picked him and have been responsible for him. He failed dog training 101 because of his nervousness, I guess. Buyddy did nip him when he tried to grab his leash. Buddy was scared, The trainer said he used to put dogs like Buddy down because people gave up on them . That is why he was training dogs and peopl e. He said people get a dog and then just leave them outside on a leash and never give them attention. That is why they keep barking and then nieghbors complain , so they get rid of the dog to solve the problem, I guess. I have been taking him to work with me when I clean the school 2nd shift (2:30-11:00) He sits out in my vehicle and waits for me to come out and visit and let him out to potty in the field. I do keep a bag on me to pick up after him.He is 12 yrs old now and has Lupas. We have him on 1/2 a pill of prednazone per day which helps him thru this. I don’t want to put him down . We already had to put our other dog down (Samantha). We buried her in the backyard. She was from SC when we worked for Habitat for Humanity. My wife and daughter will not go with me when the day comes to put my Buddy down. They said it was too much putting Samantha down.

So now Buddy comes home with me after a hard nights work. Gets in the house and drinks lots of water,eats and then lays next to our bed and sleeps knowing that he has done his job to watch over my vehicle each night. Oh. did I mention Buddy also has seizures which last around 15 minutes. This happens once in awhile. I just hold him and try to help him thru it. He’s my dog, seizures,lupas and all. Yes he is and he knows I won’t leave him or drop him off at the Humane Society to be put down.

Former Army Veteran,

Mike from OR

3 Responses

  1. Dave Says:

    My dog is Buddy to. Good story!

  2. Nell Says:

    What a brave, noble creature. Buddy has a place in my heart.

  3. Constance Says:


    Thank you for hanging on to Buddy even though he has been a handful for you. With his troubles at dog training and his physical issues, some people would have given up on him. He has been very lucky to have you care for him and love him.