Buddy, Emeril and Rose

I love your show Mark and download it on my ipod every night to listen to. I agree with all of your views but really can relate to your feelings for your pets. Our cockapoos are so special to us. We call our doggies “humanals” since they are such a part of our life. We purchased an 1869 house 10 years ago to restore and open as a b&b. We were a little concerned that our guests might not be as fond of our three humanals as we are, but the opposite has been true. Everyone loves the dogs. Seek them out and when they leave and write a comment in our guest book something is always said about Buddy, Emeril and Rose. We have had guests who recently lost a pet , a woman whose husband would not allow her a pet, couples trying to decide whether to adopt or not and all have spent a lot of their time here with one of dogs on their lap. My husband thinks we should be able to take them off as a business expense since they offer such comfort to our guests. Thank you for your conservative voice and now your compassionate voice for our pets and families. I look forward to getting your book. It has not arrived at Costco yet but might go to a local book store today. Keep up the good work; and as someone recently called in to your show said, “you are a shining light in the dark”.

Sandra from VA