Just bought your book after hearing you talk about it on Sean’s show this week. I too have been through the death of a pet.
I wanted to share a brief message a friend of mine sent me after I had to put down my little dog Buddy after a two year struggle with liver failure. Putting him to sleep was the most emotionally painful and difficult thing I have ever had to do. I held him as the drug was administered and he quietly slipped away. I cried like I have never cried before and didn’t care who saw me. Later that day a friend of mine sent me this little message that brought me comfort:

“Good afternoon dear friend–my heart is with you right now. Those of us who truly know and experience the unselfish love that a dog has for the one(s) he or she loves have a real glimpse into the Heart of our Creator and I believe that He gave us the opportunity for that experience to learn just that. Hang in there–some day we will be playing with them all over again-never to lose their love again—”

Brian from NE