We adopted two huskies and have six cats that live on our porch in a “cathouse” that I made. In our 33 years of marriage the joy of our lives have been the adopted cats and dogs we have bought into our house. We had Sadie Dog for 16 years and Sassie Cat for 19 years. Their pictures embellish our walls alongside our other family photos.
A close friend is the “ultimate” dog rescue r. We met Joy when we went searching for a flute teacher for our daughter. Joy works at SMU as and Admin Assistant and is home for seven dogs and several cats. One evening when taking my daughter to Joy’s house for flute lessons I was introduced to Buddy “the new dog”! Joy was driving home and the car in front of her struck a dog and didn’t stop. Joy stopped, gathered up the dog and took it to the vet. The dog’s left rear leg had to be amputated and a cast was needed to support a fractured pelvis. The vet’s cost was over 0 but heck, Joy couldn’t leave that dog in the street. Buddy healed and on my visits I would bring dog biscuits to treat her “herd!” Buddy gets around quite well on three legs and he’s a sucker for ear tickles!

Lou from Texas