Bubba rides on!

Recently I lost my Boxer Bubba after having him as my best friend for 11years.
He received his name in a unique way. My wife wanted to name our new dog Elvis as she is an Elvis Presley fan, well we put this beautiful little boxer puppy in the back seat where he began to pass gas that even though a cool night in Oct caused us to roll down all the windows!

I told my wife that’s no Elvis that’s a BUBBA!

Bubba because our little boy. Always there to comfort us in good times of bad. My wife broke her ankle in Bubba’s first year and he became her guardian and daily companion.
Bubba became my bud! If I was at home past 8am Bubba knew he was going riding.
We even came to spell out R-I-D-E because when he heard the word, Katie bar the doors!
We became known for our rides around the neighborhood and community. All the kids knew “ the Bub “ and he brought joy to so many lives.

My heart is still broken at our loss. Bubba had a brain tumor, which caused seizures and paralyzed his back legs.
I can still remember him looking at me like, “ Daddy what is wrong with me.. I can’t move….”
My life and my wife’s, our marriage and our family was enriched by his love.
I truly believe he showed the unconditional love of Christ. I minister at our County Prison Farm, and after our loss I shared it with the inmates. Many of these men have never understood or received love from humans and the concept of God’s love is something that the don’t quite understand, BUT, when I shared my loss of my Bubba, it was wonderful to see the hearts of hardened men open up and tears come to their eyes.
They felt my loss as if it were theirs.
You see Bubba just kept on lovin and giving even after he had ridden on down the road!

Marcus from NC

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  1. Paul Resko Says:

    I too am a boxer owner. I think they are a unique breed. Im sorry to here about your loss. This is my story about my little ole friend http://www.marklevinshow.com/sprite/?p=217#more-217. God bless