Dear Mark: We had to put our beloved dog down this past Halloween. How fitting that your book should come out just in time. I bought 4 copies, one for my husband, who is just devastated. Everything you felt about Sprite, we felt about Brutus, our gentle Bull Mastiff. He was so sweet and his eyes were just like Sprite’s, so beautiful, big and brown. When we talked to him, we felt that he understood everything we said. He also ate grass. Giving him treats, he would gently take them from our hands, but always gummed them so as not to touch us with his teeth! We will never ever forget him. Today we got his ashes and will sprinkle them in our backyard; his playground for many years. Thank you for your beautiful book. I use to watch you on TV years ago and now watch Hannity and that is where I saw you being interviewed. I always felt that if I ever needed the perfect attorney, I would want you in my corner!

Be well and God bless you.
Patty from CA

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  1. Patty Says:

    Dear Mark:
    Thank you for putting our Brutus’ story on your web site. As I was perusing your site I saw his name and stopped to read it. It made me feel good that you felt he was important enough to publish. As Thanksgiving (also our 49th wedding anniversary) draws near, we will thank
    God for the time He gave us with this magnificent animal.
    I pray your sadness is subsiding, even though you will never ever forget Sprite. These pets are like our children and it’s just too bad that they leave us way too soon.
    Happy Thanksgiving and God bless you.