Brutus #2

Mark love the story of Sprite, although I have not yet read the book.

My dog is Brutus #2. I have had him about 14 years and he and I live alone together.
I know in the not to distant future his time will come.

I lost Brutus #1 when I was eleven years old, he was killed by a car. Gave me much comfort as an orphan without a mother, then shortly after his death, I became a real orphan on the death of my father at age 12.

At work about 14 yrs ago I was expressing to a friend that I needed to get me another dog to get me through old age as I had had a dog that got me through a difficult orphan childhood. The next evening, a total stranger brought this little bundle of white fur and placed him on my desk and stated, “he is the favorite of the litter”, he was about six weeks old at the time, an American Eskimo.

I cannot tell you the love and companionship I receive from this adorable, free spirited dog. He has been a totally healthy dog, so happy and so full of love. He is now beginning to show signs of arthritis and aging. I love him so much.

Mark, I am aquainted with grief, saw my mother die when I was five, found my father dead on the job when I was twelve, and buried my only brother 10 years ago with pancreatic cancer, and I have just recently lost a dear friend to breast cancer and many and various other close friends and aunts thru the years.

“Yea! though I walk through the valley of the SHADOW of death, I will fear no evil, THY ROD and THY STAFF, they comfort me.” Thas is God’s Word, and I have found it so.

I am sorry you lost Sprite and I know and can feel your pain believe me!!

Lois from Garland

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  1. Jess Says:

    There are so many American Eskimos (or Spitzes) available for adoption and desperate for love.

    If you just take a look at Petfinder.com you can find these dogs to adopt.