Just wanted to show the love and devotion even a Pit Bull mix can have. My sister was convinced that our new puppy Brody would eventually turn on, and attack my 6 year old… I think this photo shows how “ferocious” he really is. This is my first pit, and I have to admit I was even a bit reticent about a pit mix, but I hoped that his being half chocolate lab would even it out. Boy was I surprised! He is THE SWEETEST puppy ever. He wakes my 6 year old up for school every morning, and sleeps at the foot of our bed every night. I guess raising Pit Bulls really IS all about the owner…. SHAME ON YOU PIT BULL OWNERS WHO RAISE BAD DOGS AND GIVE THE BREED A BAD NAME!! And DOUBLE SHAME on Michael Vick! We love Brody, and he loves us. They can be wonderful dogs. Give them a chance.


Diane from TX

 Brody dog