One hot summer day, I pulled into the parking lot of a local restaurant and spotted a cute little dog sitting in the middle of the parking lot. The precious little dog was sitting by a car that was parked in the handicapped parking space. A woman was holding the dog when I walked up and I asked if it was her dog. She responded no and asked me if I wanted a dog? It was so hot outside, her fur was all matted, she had no collar and the parking lot was on a very busy road.

I said to my daughter, “I can’t leave her here. Put her in the car.” When we got her home, we realized she was covered with fleas and had to keep her locked up in the utility room even after we bathed her. We could not allow her near our other dog, Tasha because of the fleas.

We did not know what to do with her, but we figured she was abandoned. We had her groomed and dipped. The groomer told us she was a purebred Lhasa Apso.

We tried to locate an owner, but to no avail. We decided to keep her. In no time she stole my heart and soon, the hearts of my daughter and husband. My daughter named her Brandy.

She became the light of our lives. My husband adored her and so did I. She was full of life and loved to play with her toys and chase squirrels.

Brandy had bladder stones which were causing her urinary tract problems and was going to need surgery to remove them. After the second serious infection, we decided on the surgery.

I took her to the vet on the morning of October 24, to have her surgery. She did not come home. She died at the vet through an accidental drowning after her surgery.

I was broken hearted. My husband did not speak for a week. I cried for a week. My daughter was very upset, my other dog, who normally did not like her, was depressed and could not eat.. Brandy was gone and the emptiness in our home was unbearable.

My husband told me to find another dog. Since Brandy was a rescue, we decided to rescue another dog. We found another Lhasa at a pet orphange in Dallas the same day Brandy’s ashes were delivered to me. Mitzie was listed on Petfinder and when I found out she was available, I jumped a the chance to adopt her.

Now that Mitzie is here, we are enjoying her and she is very much like Brandy. However, there will never be another Brandy. Brandy will live in our hearts forever.

As Mark can tell you in his new book, when you rescue a dog, they are just special. We gave Brandy a good home, but like Marks says in his new book, rescue dogs give you so much more. Although she was only with us for a little over 2 years, I loved every moment she was part of our lives and will cherish those memories.

I know one day I will go to the Rainbow Bridge and will see my beloved Brandy again.

Run and play Brandy! Hopefully, you and Sprite can cross the Rainbow Bridge together.

Anne from TX