After years of growing up with dogs, I’d like to share my story about my german sheppard, Brandy. Brandy came to us, on a random occurrence on a visit to the vet, caring for another pet we had. The young girl was so cute the litter with all males. She was the one girl. After just losing a sheppard in a car accident, my dad, brother and i thought that it was a sign from above… we made arrangements to have the pup picked up in few weeks… The dog came home and was an immediate hit in the family for over 14 years. I literally grew up with the dog from high school, college and the start of my career; knowing that when I would get home from a swim meet or a long time away at school i would always come home and see the dog. She was a pleasure. Even though my mom told us we’d have to keep Brandy outside in a custom built home is was our protector – barking whenever anyone she didn’t recognize came into the yard. But as with any dog – age got to her… After a yearly visit to the vet, we asked him if the bump on Brandy’s left front leg was anything big – a biopsy was done and it was concluded to be a non cancerous tumor, however the doc said as long as dog had no adverse effects, she’d be fine. Brandy held on for another 5-plus years but as the years went on the tumor grew bigger each year until it came to the point that she could walk at all… We said good-bye to her several years ago – however the family never forgets…

David from NJ