Thank you for writing this book. I haven’t read it yet but after I lost my kitty suddenly last year I am regularly on a pet loss website comforting and sharing with people who’ve lost their pets. I listen to you and Rush and Sean regularly and it is nice to know we share this love and compassion for animals and their owners. I am sending my first post after losing my kitty Brahms last
year, I wish it wasn’t true but after a year and 4 months I still grieve him.
After 16 years of having cats and never losing one. I lost my beloved 3 year old orange tabby named Brahms Lullaby who was born in my house in April of 2003 where his mom Lucy and brother Scotty Underpants (Scott Joplin)
both live along with my 16 year old (diabetic) gold tabby named Gus who is a great miracle . Brahms disappeared on July 1st 2006 during the night. It was the worst day of my life and brought the most incredible sadness I’ve ever known. He was a huge cat 18 pounds – and was the most gentle, loving, angelic cat I’ve ever known. He always purred unless something scared him, he was the happiest cat, just loved life, loved the other cats, loved me. They are all angels, Brahms was even more – I am convinced he was truly an angel and that’s why he couldn’t stay too long. We miss him terribly, I’ve never known grief like this and right now am grasping onto the thought of seeing him again in heaven – my comfort. I had wanted 2 brothers and they were the sweetest pair of brothers – Brahmies and Scotty Underpants that you would ever want to see. Scotty gets so much extra love now. Just grieving him, wanting to see him in heaven.
I since have written many stories and shared pictures on this website but this was the first…It is still hard to take.
I have 3 other wonderful cats one who is 17 and I live with this dread always but thank God for every day with them.

Laurie from MI