Dear Mark,

Your tribute to Sprite is indeed heartwarming, and I can truly say that we are kindred spirits. Our canine experiences and reactions are quite parallel, and understand how you felt, when you began to write your inspirational canine tale.

Reading about Sprite, not only touched my heart, and brought tears to my eyes, but it reminded me how I felt when I lost my remarkable Boston Terrier, Boomerang. He was beautiful on the inside and out. We shared a very special bond, as you did with your beautiful Spaniel mix, Sprite.

Mark, back in 2002, I wrote a book about my beloved Boomerang, entitled “Boomerang-A Miracle Trilogy (The tale of a remarkable Boston Terrier”. Just like you, I was grief stricken, after losing Boomerang after just 23 short months. He changed my life, and inspired me with his loyal devotion, never ending courage, unconditional love, and ability to connect with people. What started as a therapeutic journal, to ease my pain, evolved into a 292 page trilogy about sharing my life and love with Boomerang.

I feel as if I know you, even though we have not yet met. I look forward to seeing you at the book signing on 11/10 at the Book Revue. We have endured and survived similar feelings of loss and pain, and we both turned to writing as a catharsis to share the story with others. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. I’m a big fan.

Most sincerely,

Arlene from New York