We had the sweetest little dog and lost him seven years ago. My daughter wrote a poem about our beloved little dog, and I wish to share with you. My daughter is Becky.

Boots could give the best hugs. When any of the family walked in the door from being at work or at school, once you set down he would jump up and press his little 10lb bod up against your heart and just give you a good hug filled with lots of love. Boots was a little chihuahua.

This is the story of my BooBoo and me

Let me take you back a long time ago
When I was a child ten years old.
My mom had a friend and she had some pups
And I could have one just fifty bucks.
They brought him outside
I saw those big eyes.
I didn’t know then how close we would become
But I knew right away he was the one.
He was solid black, with four white feet
He was the most beautiful and sweet.
We named him Boots
The name did suit.
From that day on you could see
That everywhere I was so was Bootsy.
He would listen to everything I said
And at night, next to me, slept in my bed.
His name was Boots, but I called him BooBoo Baby
And he was always a special part of me.
I never left without saying, “I love you BooBoo.”
If he understood what it meant, I never knew.
He left me on September Sixthteenth
He was the age of Thirteen.
I knew it was coming, but refused to believe
That my BooBoo would ever leave me.
He was more special than I can explain.
These feelings I have will never change.
Most people think he was just my pet.
But BooBoo was a lot more than just that.
He was my best friend, he never let me down.
When I needed him he was always around.
He was there for me when I needed to cry.
He never ran off, he stayed by my side.
He was very special and I hope he knew.
Maybe God will explain what I meant when
Isaid, “I love you BooBoo.”
Rebecca Ammons
In Memory of Boots Goshorn November 25, 1987- September 16, 2000
Carol from Texas