Boo Boo

Sorry about the loss of your friend Sprite. I know how tough it can be to loose a beloved friend. Growing up always having a dog in the house I have felt your sadness many times and know that it can cause a pain only understood by those who have felt the same. Below is a story of one of my dogs. It is a bit long and I left out a lot so that you could hopefully read it with the busy schedule I’m sure you have. I too could write a book on his life and our love for him.
January 13th 2007. It brings a pain almost unbearable when I think back to that day. It’s the day I lost the best friend I ever had.
August 2000, my wife six months pregnant with our first son and I take a ride to West Orange New Jersey. There was a posting in the news paper for boxer puppies. We had purchased a boxer puppy a year before and after having her for only a month she passed. After that heart break I swore that I would never have another dog because I didn’t want to feel that way again. I grew up always having a dog in the house and once my wife became pregnant it made me think back to all the great dogs I grew up with and decided we needed to have a dog for our family. We arrived at the home where the puppies were to find out of six pups there were three left. Three boys running around the back yard playing. Two were quite nippy but there was one, twice the size of the others, that wanted nothing but to lick your face off. The owner called him Fat Bastard (Austin Powers reference). He was the one. We named him Boo Boo. In our eyes he was the most perfect animal god ever placed on this earth.
Skip ahead three months later and my first born son Liam Patrick came into the world. I read up on bringing a baby home to a house with a dog and the things that could happen if the dog became jealous. All of the fears I could ever have were abolished within seconds of entering the house. Boo Boo and Liam were inseparable. Where ever Liam went, Boo Boo was there. I think the first thing Liam bit with his first tooth was Boo Boo’s ear, he yelped jumped up and went right back for more. They were both perfect and we had the perfect family.
Three years later and three years of unimaginable joy my second son Riley Quinn was born. Boo Boo was excited beyond belief. He had one more family member to love, play with and protect. Three more wonderful years.
January 13th 2007. The family took a trip to see my grandfather in Wilmington Delaware, one that we had taken many times before. We talked played with the children and dogs it was a usual day with Grandpa. While sitting down at the kitchen table for lunch Boo Boo fell while standing under the table and struggled to stand up. A few seconds later I realized that he didn’t just fall he collapsed. In my arms he looked into my eyes begging me to help him. On the way to the veterinarian ER just a few minutes up the road, my cousin driving at speeds that could have got him arrested, I performed CPR on my beloved friend. They took him in the back and were unable to save him.
My best friend passed that day of massive heart failure at a young six and a half years old and there was nothing I could do to save him. I would have given up my life, everything I own and even my soul to save him and I know he would have given the same for me without a second thought. He was the most beautiful, loving and faithful friend I will ever have and his memory will live with me till my grave. I will love him with all my heart for all eternity.
May 17th this year we adopted a wonderful boxer puppy named Bosco from Camden County Animal shelter and he has been a great dog. He has many of the same traits that come with the boxer breed, the pride, strength, energy and love for the family. He will never replace Boo Boo but we love him like a son. Every day he helps to make the giant hole in my heart a little smaller. The only regret I have is that eventually we will have to suffer the inevitable heart break once again.
Thanks for taking the time to read this and for all that you do to help make this country a better place. In the words of Sean Hannity “your are a great American”. Keep up the good work.

Thanks for all you do,

Rick from New Jersey

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  1. mary stanley Says:

    Rick, I have been reading all the stories since I read the book about Sprite,I only seen one other boxer story. I too wrote in about our boxer but I don’t know if I got the right e-mail to mail my story. This Oct.21 our boxer Patch was running and playing as usual he collasped just like that, I and my son tried cpr and we lost him that fast. I walk around the house like I lost my best friend. My heart is broke. Patch wasn’t even 2 yet his birthday is in a few days. He was a white boxer, with a big brown patch over his left eye, had floppy ears, and they would flop when he ran. I told Mark, in my story that I could of been the author. I’am older and have had many pets, but never remembering feeling like this, beginning to think there is something wrong with me. I just want to hold him, and give him a big kiss. I know exactly how you feel. Mary