My precious beautiful Bonniegirl went to the rainbow ridge on April 24, 2004. I had her for 12 years. She was the love of my life. She went everywhere we went, sitting on my lap in the front seat of our van. She would bark at cows and lick the window and turn around in my lap to get any kind of snack I offered her. She was an angel. She loved snuggling on the couch and she slept ON the foot of our bed every night (not on the floor, but on the bed with us). She was a gorgeous buff colored cocker spaniel, who sat patiently on the kitchen floor each time I groomed her. I got her when she was 5 weeks old in 1992. She was as my little girl. When she died, she was coming to me, down the hall and to the kitchen where I was, looking up with the expectation that I was going to save her, but she dropped at the foot of the kitchen counter and was gone. It was a heart condition. My husband tried to bring her back but couldn’t. She did suffer the last couple of months of her life and through all my grief, I realized that she no longer suffered. I wanted her to live forever but she couldn’t. I will always love her so, her photos are everywhere in our home and I use her name as my email address and other important stuff. She will never be forgotton. I lit a candle for her at In Memory of Pets.com, a wonderful website.

Mark, I love you so much and believe every single word you say on your radio show. You are so great (of course). Thank you for being such a great lover of your Sprite and Pepsi and Griffen. God bless.

Bonnie from NC