My wife and I do foster care for the Humane Society of Indianapolis. We do rehab and therapy for those dogs that come in and need more attention, quiet, and rest that the folks in the kennel have time for. We have no dogs of our own, but we love these as ours for the time that they are here until they go to their “forever” home, sometimes that is a few weeks for them to just calm down and sometime it is for many months of recovery. I believe that the dogs that come to us know that coming to the Humane Society and ultimately to us is the best thing that ever happened to them, as many have had horrible situations, and most recognize us even years later. I miss them great lately, and I will always remember Bogie, Laddy, Niles, Piper, Patsy, Piper, Shelby, and especially Kishka, who came to us not even able to walk, and in fact I had to pick her up to take her out to do her business for the first few days, but ended up running every mile with me while I trained for a 1/2 marathon. I love her…and I am even happier for all of them because for as good of a home as we gave them, we were able to place them in homes better than we could give them.

Chris from IN