Mark, My wife and I both love dogs. Our “Bo” just loves my wife Tina. Since her second bout with Cancer Bo has provided such comfort even more than I can.

Love, Jim from MI

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  1. Mary Marks Says:

    I had Bojangles, a cockapoo puppy given to me as a Gift for Christmas in 1973. He had a little red bow taped to his tiny head when he was handed to me… that and the song Mr. Bojangles, popular at the time, were the reasons for his name. Bo traveled with me on my journey in life for 16 years. From Arizonia to Indiana to Ohio to Texas and finally to Colorado. My little Bo, always by my side. He had a gentle, sweet spirit and every one who knew Bo, loved him too. When I think of my Bo I remember his excitement for the cold weather and how he’d run and jump thru snow drifts… I remember him chasing butterflies in the summer and jumping in piles of leaves in the fall. He loved life and he made me smile all the time. When he was young he would jump around on his hind legs and “dance” with me when I had music on in my living room…he expecially liked Van Morrison. Sometimes I’d hold him in my arms and slow dance with him to Tupelo Honey. I loved his doggy kisses and Bo always loved to curl up with me on the floor when I watched tv. My heart broke when I lost him, I felt hollow inside, I cried until I had no more tears to cry. He wasnt there to lay at my feet on his blanket or to cuddle with me, no longer there to put his nose in the air from the car window like he used to do when we’d hit the rode. He was my good boy and I still grieve for him and miss him every single day that I live without the pleasure of his company. When he took his last breath in my arms I whispered in his ear to go ahead without me, mommy would be ok, to run free and be well and that he was always… my good boy.