I am so sorry for your loss and I understand how much you loved Sprite. But, most of all I understand how much Sprite loved you. It is hard to explain how awful it is to lose that love. My dear Blondie–my true and faithful companion of 16 years–left me on June 27th.She was so ill and I kept her probably too long –but I just couldn’t let her go. The vets were wonderful and eased her away without any pain.

I am left with wonderful memories and stories of her great adventures with Bud. They were both shelter dogs. I was the lucky one when I found them. Bud was a beautiful German Shepard and so smart and protective and Blondie was the happy go lucky part golden retriever. I miss them so and maybe some day I will seek a new friend. __from a shelter –of course.
Best Regards, Mary from TX