I brought Bleu home as my husband’s first dog in 1993. We took him to various RV dealers and bought one that would accommodate his needs along with ours. Just as we were about to launch upon a long trip out West, Bleu had a stroke. He was not expected to pull through, but he did. We postponed our trip, and I asked the vet for a week to see if I could rehab him. I worked on his depression, and got him back on his feet. He seemed to say, let’s give it a try! So we did. He swam in the western waters and walked the trails. He sniffed the mountain breezes and was almost back to “normal” when we returned 3 months later. A week after we returned, Bleu had another stroke and it was apparent to all he wouldn’t pull through. With the vet’s help we let him reap his heavenly reward and buried him in one of his favorite place on our property. We still get a tight throat and teary eye at most any time when his memory appears and he has been gone 2 years now.

MaryAnne & Barry  from VA