We haven’t read your book yet, but are sure it will strike home and raise emotions wildly again. We adopted a throw away dog from my childrens’ elementary school 12 years ago. She was thrown from a passing car, and the principal knew we had promised our kids’ a dog once we had a house.
Thus began a twelve year story of love, devotion, fun, friendship and companionship.
We could only speculate on her heritage, Belgian Sheppard, Labrador, Chow, and maybe something else, but she was the best tempered dog in the world, and quickly became our 3rd child. She stayed behind as the kids grew up, left home and went to college.
Blackberry (named by my youngest child) stayed behind and helped fill the void of disappearing children.
We won’t try to rewrite your book or experiences, but suffice to say that when we faced that dreaded decision, it was the hardest thing we have ever done, in 32 years of marriage. The fact that we had her for most of her life, (she was about 12 weeks when abandoned) did not make the decision any easier or justifiable. It just helped us realize that she looked to us as her family and we knew we did not want her to suffer any longer.
In ending this little note, we would just like to pass along some advice given to us by a veterinarian much more insightful than we were. He told us how lucky people are that dogs only live perhaps 15 plus years, and not longer.
Imagine how hard it would be if their lifespans matched ours.
Heartfelt thanks to you, Mark, for taking the time to put in word what almost all of us have or will experience in our lifetimes.
Keep adopting!!!!!!
Tom & Angie from Washington

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  1. Graco Says:

    I absolutely LOVE that there are wonderful, kind people like you, in this world. Although there is sadness in this site – there is also a real calmness to know that there are so many people that RESPECT and LOVE their animals.
    We have Mark’s book on order – getting it tomorrow. I can only hope that my WONDERFUL kitty Grace (rescued from a crack/methhouse)sits on my lap as I read this.
    Blackberry was one lucky dog!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Keep up the GOOD work!!!!!!!!1