Like lots of people, I have many friends. They come; they go, and that’s alright. But, I have a best friend who happens to be my little pup, BJ. She’s a 3-year-old pomeranian who is full of life and energy. Despite my sister having terrible dog allergies, my mom thought it was a good idea for me to have a pup (I don’t like the word “Dog”) and she and my father got me BJ one February day three almost three years ago. I don’t have any children and I think my mom wanted BJ to fill that hole in my heart from not having children of my own. Boy, was she right! The first words out of my mouth when my mom handed BJ to me was “I love you, I love you!” From that day on I have never smiled so much, laughed so much, been more happy, and less stressed. We go on walks each and every day. She is the joy of my life and I love her with all my heart. Each night when I go to bed and every morning when I leave for work I cup her little head in my hands and tell her “Always and forever; and, I’ll never, ever let you go.” She doesn’t do any tricks, but learned how to sit and lay down (which she learned in puppy school). She forgot all the other tricks they taught her, but that’s okay because I just want a buddy, not a trick dog. I just want to make her life as happy as she makes mine and there is nothing in this world greater to me than the greeting and kisses I get when I come in the door. What a joy she is and the happiness she has added to my life is undescribable to those who don’t have pups of their own. Thank you for reading my thoughts about my pup. I listened to you today on the Laura Ingrams show on my way home from work and cried when you spoke about Sprite and how the loss affected you. My heart just broke. I, too, will go through that some day. I just hope that my heart will withstand the hurt and pain of losing my best buddy. But, I have many years with her and I intend on making her the happiest dog on this earth. And, I’ll spoil her more than she is already, that’s for sure. I’m not a terribly religious person, although I believe in God and that he brings us all good things if we are smart enough to recognize his presence and his gifts to us. I do. May he always shine his light on you and give you goodness throughout your life. You are a good man…a man with a good heart and a good sole. I admire you and respect your opinions, esp. in the political arena. I asked for your book for Christmas, but I hope I can get through it without crying too much. I doubt it, though. When I was five years old I saw my family pom get hit by a car. To this day I remember that moment, the exact make of the car, the color, right down to the wood panel on the side doors. I never got over that, even at 46 years of age. That’s why my love for my pup is so great. She fills a huge void in my heart, completely. And, I thank God each and every day that I have her. I’m a lucky girl. Again, thanks for reading this. And, thank you for your book. It will be one book that I will read and reread. Someday in the future I may need it to help me through a tough time, as you went through. Have a great Thanksgiving and a wonderful Christmas season.


Jill from MD