Friends, This morning I said goodbye to my best friend of 11 years. His name is Bingo, and since I also live with his mother, I watched Bingo take his first breath, and today, his last. Even though Bingo was a neutered male, they are still subject to prostate cancer. Bingo was diagnosed and had prostate surgery on October 2. He was placed on a drug called Piroxicam to help fight off this disease, but to no avail. Last Sunday, he began to show signs of a resurgence of his cancer. His appetite declined but he drank a lot of water. In the next couple of days, he went from chasing tennis balls to lethargy and this morning immobility, as I had to carry him to the car. The vet said his prostate had swollen beyond his pelvic area and was prohibiting a movement. My story is: Get your male dog neutered as early as possible and love him every day. I thought I had had many more years with my buddy.

Ironically, as I left the vets office and my little buddy behind, there on the radio was Mark Levin on the Rush Limbaugh show… speaking about his little buddy, Sprite. Mark, they are together, and in good company…


Dennis from AK


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  1. Cheryl Says:

    Dennis, your story really moved me. I am sad to hear of your loss. Is it not better to have Bingo for a shot period of time than not at all? It hurts real bad but the love we give and get back 10 fold makes it all worth while!