Mark, just to let you know that I will be giving your wonderful book as Christmas gifts to a number of people; however, I will not be able to read it myself no more than I can share stories of losing my own pets with you. I hear your great loss in your voice on the radio, and to share my own stories about the loss of my beloved pets is just too much to do. The older I get, the softer my heart. I would like to share one heroic story, however — one of my wonderful friends, Benjy, a mix, that we adopted from a shelter rescued me from a rabid raccoon. He was very brave, and he will always be my hero. Thank you, Mark, for everything — for bringing the need of adoptive homes and shelters to the forefront and for being a voice of reason in today’s dangerous society. You have become family, and I look forward to being with you every evening. God bless you and your family.

Judy from NJ