Dear Mark, listening to you right now, and Greg just told you about his dog. It brought tears to my eyes hearing him, and hearing the pain in your voice also. I am so sorry for the loss of your dear pet.
I have a German Sheppard, (from the pound) who watches my house and makes me feel safer with my hubby on the road. He has been my dog and friend for over 6 years now. I dearly love my Mike! He barks when anything comes down my driveway, a loud, deep bark, but has never bitten anyone. A great deterrent to have, being out in the country.
I have another pup now that my daughter rescued from the streets, and said I needed to save the little thing. She couldn’t take it home because her female hasn’t been spayed as yet, and she has two cats and two dogs. He was dirty, matted, curly, one black eye and white with black dots all over. Ok,…. I called him Benji, had him neutered, all his shots, new collar, new bed, then groomed. Wasn’t crazy about the cost, but it was needed. When I picked him up, I was stunned!! He looked like a Dalmation Poodle! He is a sweet puppy; vet said he is 6 months old. The groomer said he was a Chinese Crested Powder Puff. We looked it up and they are a good breed of dog. He loves Mike and they play in the yard. He is in the kitchen corner on his mat now, gnawing on his doggie bone. I take him in the car when I visit my daughter, and he loves to play with her dogs, especially tiny Mia, the female……..go figure!! With my kids gone, teenage grandchildren too busy with their friends to see us very often, our pets are so very important to us for companionship and they love us unconditionally. I think that is one of the reasons God made them for mankind. It is just so heartbreaking when we lose them. Been there, cried for weeks.

Janice from Texas