I would like to tell you of ne of the greatest lovev that ever came into our lives. His name is Benji. my wife got a call about a year ago from our daughter, telling us about a puppy at the shelter that was in ndanger of being euthanized. My wife loaded me in the car and little to my knowledge was of to see what turned out to be a 6mo. full size Yorkshire terrier. He was handicaped by his rear leggs not functioning properly. Once I held this little dust mop in my arms and he nuzzled into me there was no letting him go back to the shelter. I assumed all fincial responcibilites for his medical needs. We paid the adoption fees and took him home. The endless love this sweet natured dog has given us is Priceless. Our vet has told us that we can get his knees put in the right direction he will be normal and healthy for the rest of his life. My wife and I are saving back for his operation, and hope to have it done after the 1st of the year. The sugery is roughly a thousand dollars, but he is worth every penny(priceless) for his unconditional LOVE.


I hope anyone reading this gets the messege that sometimes things that look odd can turnout to be the greatest gift that can be bestowed on our lives. No Mr. Levin I am not rich in money value but I am the richest man in town because of the love of a sweet affectionate little dust mop we Call BENJI.

Thank you for the opportunity to tell you benji’s story and GOD BLESS YOU and your family this Chanuka and always.


Carl from TX