I came by Bella ‘the chihuahua’ by accident. My then 19 year old daughter who suffered a Paris Hilton attack, came home with a tiny chihuahua. I did my best to avoid this dog. I shampooed the carpet three days in a row so Toni (my daughter) had to keep Bella in her room. I kept telling her the rug was too damp. Then I was watching TV one afternoon when I heard my mother’s voice say ‘Be nice to Bella’ and she meant it. (God rest her soul) As time went on, Toni was just too busy for a puppy so I started to take over. I took Bella with me everywhere. We became fast friends. I love this little dog so much. I always had big dogs. This one was different. She’s like a baby to me. She eats what I eat, She can say “out’ when she wants to go for a walk. She is a celebrity in our neighborhood. Finally she sleeps with me (and what a bed hog she is ..loll.).


Carol from NJ