I have just finished your book about your precious dog Sprite. I was drawn into it with almost each and every incident. We too have had and continue to have rescue dogs. Our dog Beauregard was a Great Dane (with something else in there too) He lived approx. 13 years which is unheard of for such a breed and for his size (135lbs.). He indeed was a gentle giant who stole our hearts from the first day. Although we have had dogs since childhood and since the first day of our marriage (when we received a Basset Hound for a wedding gift) this loving gentleman (Beau for short) gave us more than I could ever expect or explain.

We did all the things one does in order not to lose someone you love. Vet bills piled up with special pills, accupuncture and proper loving care but the inevitable was fast approaching.We may have even kept him a bit too long but it was a selfish daily wish that he would not leave our lives. He never saw the inside of a kennell as we took him with us in our motorhome (we made a ramp for him so he could walk in easily) where ever we went or we had someone stay in our house full time while we were away. His last days were tough but we babied him and made sure he was not in pain. On his last evening I lay next to him and he proceeded to give me his final act of love. He licked my face for a long time as he and I lay on the floor . I guess he was saying his final goodby and trying to tell me it was OK he was ready to go. The following day he was completely unable to get up, eat or drink and we took him to the vet on a stretcher. My wife and I lay on the floor at the vet’s, cried and said our final goodby and thank you to this most beautiful friend.
We will never forget him as you too will never forget Sprite. God has truly blessed us with the companionship and love of our wonderful friends and we are always thankful.

We understand your sadness and your joy with Sprite more than you could imagine. Those are wonderful memories and should be cherished. Your Muskogee crape myrtle is a wonderful testimony to Sprite and your love for him.

God Bless You.
Robert from NJ