Beau Jangles

This is a story about my Little Beau Jangles…a teeny , tiny toy poodle. We had 6 months before lost out mixed breed of 18 years and were NEVER getting another dog. Well, a friend of ours, a breeder called me and said she had had a litter and all were sold except the runt..she figured it was because he loved to play, AT NIGHT! Well, my husband worked on the railroad and was gone most nights, being on the road and I was alone and up until the wee hours, she figured we were a perfect match. Boy, was she ever right!! But, I was in Ohio, the dog was in Florida…so for my birthday, my husband bought me a dog and my father a plane ticket to get the dog for me! I can still remember crying the first time I laid eyes on him…he was so tiny and cute , he made my heart well up! Funny, I cried when I first saw him and cried when I last saw him…and I am crying as I am typing this.But , in between those times, he was nothing but a joy! He was indeed a “night person”, we got along great! On those long winter nights when I was just waiting from a call from my husband to say he had reached his destination safely , when I was a nervous wreck, Beau knew, and he did his best to amuse me and get the worry off of my mind, and that he did! For 16 years he amused and entertained me nightly!! I was so glad when he was finally 16, he could get a driver’s license..he always loved to steer when we drove! But it was not to be…one Sunday morning he just simply fell out of bed and landed on the floor…picked himself up and carried on, by the time my husband got home he couldn’t go to the door to greet him…it was a Sunday night…..where do you go….nowhere. He never cried or wimpered, he just wanted to be held, which I did. He wanted to get on the couch and I put him up and laid there with him, we both fell asleep, only 1 of us got up. My husband woke me the next morning telling me Beau was gone….gone in my arms. I was still holding him, and I KNOW that before he went he planted 1 more of those little kisses on my cheek, he was such a loving child! So what did I do after I freaked out…did I call the vet? NO, I called a local funeral home that does cremations and yes they would do a pet, bring him in. So , that is the story of Beau Jangles…and as I type this, Beau still sits next to me, on his special pillow in a beautiful tin. There is no way I could bury him or let anyone dispose of him, he was too dependent on me and he will stay with me until whenever. I will never let him be alone.
For those of you who need some comfort there is a beautiful website that deals with the loss of pets.
they have a most beautiful poem there, everyone who has lost a pet needs to read it, it is wonderful! Thank you , Mark ,for having this for us to share our stories, we have all been there, done that, or we wouldn’t be here now. You are a right on guy when it comes to politics, nasty as need be, but a PERSON,when it comes to sensitivity, thats all that counts. Thanks for letting me give my tribute to Beau…nobody else ever would have cared in a million years.

Nancy from Florida