Dear Mark…..We heard you on Rush Limbaugh’s show today and we were so impressed with your compassion for Sprite. We regret that you lost your beautiful buddy. We had to have our beloved cat, Beau, euthanized 11/06/06.
He had a lymphoma in his chest and could no longer eat…..just had water from a syringe. We were with him as he breathed his last breath and we miss him more and more each day. He was more like a son to us but some folks do not understand that. Beau was an inside cat and very affectionate….a lapper and sometimes a little comedian when he tapped on the bathroom door to be allowed in. We have him buried on our property in a little casket. A monument covers his grave with his photo and the words, “Beau…our best friend.” A statue of St. Francis of Assisi guards his grave. We do understand your grief and love for Sprite and admire your willingness to share those thoughts with your fans. May our beloved pets all meet over the Rainbow Bridge, waiting to greet us some day.

Toni from NJ