Bear was a bad dog, but a great companion. He came to us by a fluke, we were not even supposed to have a pet, in our rental house.
My husband worked graveyard, and came home early, due to a knee injury. I did not even wake up until he was over my bedside.
He heard about a coworker who was giving away puppies, and thought that would be good protection for me.
There was only one puppy left, the pick of the litter, and Moe was keeping him for herself!
My hubby did not give up, and within a week the puppy was ours.
Polar Bear, a white sheperd, Black Lab mix, was ours on a Monday in February.
He was a white ball of fur.
We spoiled him, as we were in a rental house, and did not want the neighbors to tell our landlady that we had a dog.
He was a smart dog, and potty trained quickly. He did have a whiny streak.
By the time we bought a house, he was already set in his ways. He did not stay outside if he did not want to!
He knew many games, baseball, football, frisbie, and the best of all, playing wounded.(Almost dead, but not quite.)
In his 10th year, he did seem to slow down, not even complaining about trick or treaters on halloween. 2 weeks later, he lay by my husbands side of the bed waiting for him to get up. My husband now works days, and gets up around 5.
Bear went outside, but did not come back in, he was laying on the lawn, very rare for him.
He came in with much coaching from my husband. I was getting dressed to take him to the Vet, and he died in my husband’s arms.

Bear was a bad dog, and a great companion.

Anita from CA