Mark, I saw your interview on Hannity & Colmes. I was so touched by your words. It was comforting to find that someone else understands how losing a beloved pet can be so life changing. I am a lover of all animals, but I hope you don’t mind if I send along the poem I wrote for my cat, Baxter. Writing this for him helped, but the hole in my heart will always be there.

“The Amazing Heart”
For My Baxter

I looked at all the faces
Where was I to start?
They all should have a loving home
But your eyes stole my heart

You gently let me bring you
To a place you’d never known
But how was I to know that day
You’d make my heart your home

You felt so right within my arms
But you did hesitate
In time, trust came into your heart
Your love was worth the wait

Through our days together
We knit a special bond
You even seemed to like it
When I wrote you your own song

When your illness came our way
I didn’t see the signs
For how could I imagine life
If you were not in mine

So again I took you in my arms
And held you oh so tight
And said into your loving eyes
It’s time to stop the fight

I sang your song one last time
And thought it quite a feat
That my heart could be so broken
And still continue to beat

I wrapped you in your blanket
One final trip back home
We buried you beneath the trees
Where you liked to roam

The heart is so amazing
Who knew all it could do
For even with this endless hole
It stills holds all of you

Candi from Maine