Bart, Vinnie, Larry, Bob, Bo & Luke

Mark, my Mother was diagnosed with cancer in 2002. At the time I had 4 dogs. Bart, (Shi Zu), Vinnie, (Schnoodle), Larry, (Poodle), and Bob (Pomeranium). During my mother’s chemo treatment, Larry, my poodle (11 years old) developed a form of diabetes and suddenly died. The very next month, my Pom, Bob, (8 years old) had to have trachea surgery and was doing well, but on Labor Day stopped breathing, I rushed him to the vet. Because of lack of lack of oxygen, he had sustained brain damage and I had to have him put down. 15 months later I had to put my Shi Zu, Bart (14 years) down. During this time, my beloved Mother passed away. I have never experienced such depression and sorrow. I did not know if I was going to make it. I still have my 15 year old Schnoodle, Vinnie and now have 2 -4 year old yellow labs, Bo & Luke.
They are my light at the end of each tunnel

I truly feel your pain for the loss of your beloved Sprite and also share your love and understanding of dogs and what they do for us. I have attached a picture of Bo & Luke.

Debbie from Texas

Bo & Luke