Baron, Tala, Rex and Bruno

We are owned by 4 adorable
German Shepherds. They are the light of our lives and truly a part of the family. Their loyalty and joy goes beyond any words. Baron, 10.5, Tala 8, Rex 6 and Bruno 1.5.
Baron and Tala are the parents of Rex. Her one and only litter was born the night of my mother’s funeral. Baron and Tala’s love and devotion during her illness are the only thing that kept me going. When I was sad, they licked away my tears.
We kept two from the litter, Rex and Rebel. They were shot on 1/15/05. Rebel died in my arms and I rushed Rex to the ER vet where $1,200.00 later, he was ok, thankfully. He was so depressed over the loss of his brother (and being shot for the second time) that he rapidly lost weight and we were close to losing him when I found Bruno. His lively spirit brought all of them and me out of the deep, dark depression we were in. They are truly the most amazing, rewarding and joyful part of our lives.

Norma from Ohio

Baron, Tala, Rex & Bruno