Barney and Sassy

I am a volunteer for the Humane Society of MO in St. Louis Mo. I walk dogs,recruit and train new volunteers for dog walking at our Chesterfield location. I have been doing this for 5 years. I do this because it is so rewarding to help the dogs be happy till they find a new forever home. That is what I love about dogs they adapt so well to a new place. They say: I live here now. I am fed ,walked, have a warm place to sleep and am loved. We are a happy place at the HSMO. The volunteers love the dogs and keep them happy dogs.

I have two dogs Barney 4 and Sassy 14. Just once I want to not have to make the decision to euthanize my pet when it’s time has come to pass. It is the hardest decision to have to make. Just once I want to come home and find my dog curled up dead,instead of making the decision to euthanize..So every day when I leave I tell Sassy: Now Sassy if you get the urge to die you just go, go to the light. If doggy Jesus comes you follow him. ( I think doggy Jesus would be a golden retriever.) I tell Sassy because she is such a good dog and loved that we will get another dog right away. If she dies in the morning I will go to the shelter and get a new dog in by afternoon!
I hope you will get another dog from a shelter to give it a seciond chance in your forever home. Not to replace Sprite but to once again give a dog a second chance at happiness and security.
Keep on talking about dogs on your show. I really enjoy it.

CeCe from MO