Mark thank you for writting such a great book, unfortuntley I haven’t read the book yet, I’m hoping to get it for christmas. I’m waiting to see if I get my disability, I’m bipolar, so money is tight. I would like to share my story with you.

I had this dog, he was a Basset hound, he was a real unique dog, god I miss him, he was my buddy. I never had any intention of getting him, but my step mom and dad bred bassett hounds, and they got him for a breeder, they also ran a daycare, as it turned out he was abused as a puppy, and he didn’t get along with kids, and would snap at people. So they had to get rid of him, and they asked me and my girlfriend at the time if we wanted him, I had already received a bassett hound, for my birthday, but my girlfriend wanted Barney, so we took him, she had a dog, and so did I. After my girlfriend left me, she also left him. he was her dog, and he would snap at me lol, so I just did the best I could, about a month or so, my dog ran away, so it was just me and him, and after awhile he got used to me.

His story and mine are similar, my dad wanted to get rid of him, cause of his temperment, and it was not his fault, and people have gotton rid of me, which was highly due to being bipolar, and being abused mentally and physically, my dad’s bipolar and he’s not a good guy, I haven’t spoken to him in 3 years. I was Barney’s guardian angel, I have no doubt, if I never would’ve took him in, he would’ve went to the pound, and after awhile he would’ve been put to sleep. I have a guardian angel as well, and if it wasen’t for this special person in my life, I would be dead or in prision, I’m 35 and have had over 30 jobs, so my lifes been really messed up. Mark I lost Barney on June 20th of this year. I would like to share my tribute to him, I’ve also found a website, it’s a virtual pet cemetary, I just need to find someone who has a scanner, so I can send this tribute along with a picture, to the website.

Barney, my buddy my friend, till we meet again. A week ago today, you were ok, how it seems like yesterday. I remember when we played, I remember your little trick, I remember your howl, I remember you liked beer, I remember your nice floppy ears. I remember through all the tears, I remember your bark, without you I’m in the dark. As I write this I weep, I pray the lord your soul to keep. I love you buddy.

Thanks Mark, I don’t know if you’ll read this or not, but it was nice just writing it , if you’d like feel free to share it, with anyone.

James from HI