We once had a long-haired Akita (Bambi) and a pitbull (Boo). Both were females, and they got on wonderfully.

Once, when Boo had to have a foxtail removed from her nose (requiring an overnight stay at the vet), Bambi just moped. At this point, Peewee (our elderly Chihuahua-mix) had already been put to sleep. Bambi thought Boo wasn’t coming back.

Boo was still a bit groggy from the anesthetic when she came home. She just climbed up into her favorite chair and curled up. I could just imagine what the conversation between Boo and Bambi must have been like:
“WHERE have you been? I missed you!

“You DON’T want to be where I went–they poke you with needles and cut on you over there!”

Boo eventually had to be put to sleep. Bambi knew Boo was seriously ill before the family did. Normally, when the dogs were let outside, they each went their separate ways. THIS time, Bambi followed Boo like a shadow.

Bambi knew her friend was ill before the humans did.

And once Boo was gone, Bambi didn’t want to leave the house. She figured that Peewee left and didn’t come back, then Boo left and didn’t come back. I couldn’t even take Bambi for a walk because she kept looking towards the house–she was afraid that she wasn’t going back home.

Bambi eventually died and was buried in our backyard.

Katheryne from CA