Bailey and Houdini

We have two dogs who both became sick last year during the recall of dogfood, First our Dalmation, Bailey, had swelling in her neck and running a fever.

After many trips to the vet and tests and antibiotics, she seemed to improve. This was October of last year. Then in December, our yellow lab, Houdini, started to lose weight for no apparent reason. We tried different foods and he then seemed to improve. Now its February and the Dalmation starts to lose weight, won’t eat, decreased mobility, fever, increased thirst, she is very ill. Back to the Vet again. After many tests, bloodwork, x-rays,ultrasound, the Vet tells us she has cancer. We weren’t told what kind, where it is but that the dogfood was not responsible. In our hearts, we are not convinced. The only option offered to us was to put the dog down.

We could not do it. That was April, 07. We took her home. We hand fed her. She would only drink water if it was in my hand, we fed her only people food. We tried our best. She is still alive. Very thin. She eats a combination of dog and people food but can’t seem to gain weight. We don’t have the funds to see a specialist right now,but we hope to in the future. She is still a very sick dog but her personality came back almost completely. She regained alot of her mobility and she barks at my husband if she wants him to feed her. I haven’t seen any of the other stories, so I’m sorry if this is out of line. I thought someone may have a suggestion for us . I have a daughter, but this dog is daddy’s little girl. She was hit by a car at the age of 4, and couldn’t walk for a couple of months. My husband carried her outside every time she had to go out. Since then, she’s daddy’s girl. The way she looks at him is unbelievable. And she talks to us when she wants something. Very sorry to go on like this. Maybe if people could just keep this little dog in their prayers it would help. Thank you for this opportunity. Sorry ,I’m not a very good writer.

Thanks again.

Anita from NJ

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  1. Carol Says:

    There are agencies out there that will assist with vet bills. Some will donate the full amount; others assist with a loan. One site that might help pay is: http://www.uan.org/ . You might also look on http://www.handicappedpets.com. Even if you can’t find someone to pay the vet bills, there are many people on that site that are willing to share their expertise. Believe it or not, many of those dedicated people have more info than many vets do!!! Good luck! Carol