Aussie Pound Puppy

Our pound puppy, which had been left tied to the cyclone fence around the facility, turned out to be an Australian Shepherd. I could go on & on about what an excellent dog he is.

However, the most amazing thing he does, is quietly move out of our way when we’re walking around the dark house at night. He knows we can’t see him without light. During the day, or when the lights are on, he stays put.

He has had two bad incidents in his life, that may have deducted a couple of years. First he was bitten by a copperhead. Secondly, he was in a fight with a pitbull & saved his own life by jerking his jaw out of the pitbull’s mouth, sacrificing several teeth. Surgery was required to reconstruct what was left of his lower jaw.

He’s still with us, but is now almost 10-years old & has suddenly shown signs of aging. It will be an extremely sad day when he goes to doggie heaven.

We also have another, younger, female Aussie & a “tortise shell” (every color possible, all mixed-up) American Shorthair cat. She makes-up for her looks with brains & personality!

We are empty nesters & these wonderful animals are super companions.

I’m not sure I could handle reading your book, knowing that we may not be too far away from loosing our oldest pal. Maybe it will be a comforting read after God calls him home.

Love you Mark, keep up the great work & God Bless.

Delight from MO