My wife and I have two very wonderful boys who are both rescues. Our first boy, Aubie, has been with us since he was a pup. He is a Jack Russell mix. We adopted him from a no-kill rescue shelter. He was abandoned at a Wal-Mart along with several siblings and his mother. Aubie and his brother were the only survivors.
Aubie has provided so much companionship for both my wife and me. After our experience with Aubie, we will never have any other kind of dog.

Our next addition was a lab mix that I found wondering the north shore in Louisiana several months after Hurricane Katrina. After attempting to find his owner, I flew him back to Jacksonville with the intent of having him adopted thru the no-kill shelter. After the initial weekend in our home, our new addition, Austin, became part of the family. We have had several growing pains with him, including heart worms, but would have spend any amount of money to make him well.
My wife and I enjoy their companionship daily. It is hard to imagine them not being around, but at some point it will happen. When it does and we are ready again, there will be another rescue from a local shelter. I encourage anyone to get a dog from a local shelter. If you are not in the market for a dog, find a local shelter and help out. This help can be from giving money and supplies to volunteering your time.

Tim from FL