Aspen and Sammi

Dear Mark, just wanted to write and thank you for writing this very special book! Having lost my dear “Aspen” 3 yrs. ago and never really feeling like anyone understood the loss i felt, I know you do! I seriously started crying half way through the book and didn’t stop for a few hours after I had finished it! It felt like a cleansing of the soul, very deep, and much needed! Aspen was my “heart” dog, she was their when our son left for the military and our daughter left for college, our house was so empty but Aspen our 7 yr. old American Eskimo helped to fill the void! When she died at the age of 10 I didn’t know if I could recover and certainly never wanted another pup! losing them was just to hard!


Luckily after 1 1/2 yrs. we did get another pup “Sammi” has come into our lifes and if Aspen was my heart dog, Sammi is my “Soul” dog- She is such a love, so social and everyone is her best friend! I am including a picture of Aspen on her last fishing trip! This is very special, our Son was home on leave and we took him fishing on the Slitz River here in Oregon- Also there is a picture of Sammi, fishing with dad- I call her the “trout scouting pooch! Thanks again and happy holidays to you and your family- the two legged ones and the four legged ones.

Diana from OR

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  1. Diana Says:

    Boy I was really surprised that the story was posted first thing this AM, Thanks so much for sharing my storie and for all the others that folks have shared! Didn’t realize that Aspens picture didnt get include, but just wanted to share it with you! Thanks again- I will be giving out your book for Christmas gifts to other dog lovers in my life! Diana

  2. JT Says:

    Wonderful story! Sammi is a beautiful pooch!

  3. Diana Says:

    Wow you folks are the best!