Arza Jane

I had forgotten I wrote this.

How can I let you go?

Tonight while you sleep at the foot of my bed like you’ve done for near 14 years
I know this will be our last night together and I can’t possibly control my tears.
I can’t keep you here even though my heart breaks but how can I let you go?
How can I convey my love for you? I only can prey that you know.

My faithful friend, my beautiful girl, the pick of the litter to me.
It was love at first kiss, you won my heart; It was just so plain to see
Did you choose me or did I choose you …my cherish friend for so long.
I s there a dog heaven? Will I see you again? God, please help me to be strong.
I remember the scent of your sweet puppy breath, I remember when your eyes started to see
I truly believe that the moment we met, that we were meant to be..

Now the time has come to make the choice for you&I’d give anything if it weren’t so.
My heart caves at the thought, my tears cannot be stopped… but I have to let you go.
I’ll call the vet tin the morning to come here and do what I can hardly conceive
’I’d do anything if it weren‘t so . I just don’t want to believe.
That our time through? It seems to be too soon? Have the years just slipped away?
But I still see it so clear the day when we brought you home. What a wonderful day.

But’ now I’ll hold you til the end while you slip away, while a piece of my heart goes with you.
How will I go on and face the rest of the day? What can I possibly do?
To distract from the pain of choosing your last day and from mourning and missing you.

I’ll decide where you’ll be laid to rest … most likely under the Mulberry tree.
So I can see say hello to you each day.
But tonight I’ll sit at the end of the bed and watch you sleep peacefully … and memorize the sound of your breathing, not wanting to wake you … Oh damn …what tomorrow brings.
There’ll never be another dog like you, so smart, so kind, so brave and fair

Scolding your puppies when they played got too rough. never being too harsh, just keeping the peace.
I learned from you about how to help & not hurt, not to challenge but to just teach with love.

I love you Arza Jane.

Gina from CA