Artie (1985-2003)

Our Artie (1985-2003) was about 1 yr when he found us on Easter Sunday. We brought him into our home and were blessed by him for another 17 yrs. He had a heart condition in his last 2 yrs and we lived through his collapses moving downstairs into our guest room so he would not have to climb the stairs. We watched to see that he still liked to take us to the refrigerator where he knew we kept his turkey and continued to enjoy life as his circle became smaller and smaller. We were lucky as he expired at home. But we hated to let him go and still find so much joy at all the sweet things he did throughout his life. He was a great traveler, could just about drive a car, loved to see the lights of a city at night, was the most loving and devoted person I have ever known. He could run really fast and taught us to let him out when he rang the bell hanging on the back door. Flaws: none.
Thank you for your story of Sprite and for the forum to tell ours. When i think of the money people spend on entertainment and recreation and compare to the fun and lifelong joy these wonderful dogs give us freely I am humbled by their love.

Becky from OK

2 Responses

  1. Nancy in Texas Says:

    What a sweet doggie!

  2. Jess Says:

    Artie’s story really reached out to me. He looks like my Jimmy, a little dog found next to a highway at about the same time that Artie was rescued.

    My wish is that all the Arties and Jimmies out there (and there are many) will get adopted and find their homes.