More than 2 years ago, my Grandmother Frannie passed away. She loved & supported her family for nearly 90 years, despite being widowed in her 40’s. Although Grandma is in heaven with Grampa, my 2 year old, Reagan still had difficulty under-standing. She wondered why she could no longer talk or see Grandma. She was still struggling with the concept of dying early this year, when the unwelcome time came for Dad and Reagan’s Buba, Blake to make the long, difficult trip to the Vet with April, our 8 year old chihuahua.

April was a calm and gentle dog. My experience as a boy with chihuahua’s had not been good, but the entire family grew to love little 3lbs. April. My wife, Annette, was first opposed to April, but they soon became the best of buddies. April followed her everywhere. Even our shelter dog, Buddy (a 1 year old Australian Shep., 35lbs.), deferred to April. She always ate before him and you would have thought April was 300lbs. the way she directed his movements.

Reagan, now 4, is an avid dancer and she loves her dance attire. We had to explain to her, when Blake and I returned from the Vet, that April was in Heaven now. Reagan inquired, “is she with Grandma Frannie now?” We all said “yes!” that is right, April and Grandma Frannie are both in Heaven now. Reagan seemed to accept this for the most part but she still wondered if Heaven was a place that Grandma and April would like. Reagan went to bed that night a bit perplexed, but she took April’s death much better than we expected.

The next morning, Reagan greeted me early. She excitedly exclaimed: “Dad, I understand everything now and it is ok” When I asked what she meant, Reagan said that she worried at first that April and Grandma Frannie would not be happy in heaven, but she knows better now. I asked her, how she knew this. She replied: “I went to sleep last night and I saw Grandma Frannie and April, in heaven and they were very happy!” I asked her how she knew they were so happy. “That is easy Dad, Grandma Frannie and April were both in heaven, dancing in tutus!”

I do not know if I attribute much significance to Dreams, but I believe this one.

Bill from Kansas