This is a very ironic story. I had been listening to Mark talking about his book on 560 talk and decided to look up this site. I found the form for submitting stories. I had written my story in this comment box and when I realized that I hadn’t seen a security/privacy statement I thought better of submitting the story. But here it is.

Our grandson at age 11 had lost his mother and within a few months we lost our beloved boxer Annie. She was dying of cancer so my husband, our grandson and I took her over to the vet and while he put her to sleep, our grandson had his hand on her side when she quit breathing. For him it gave him a sense of what it was like for his mother to die from her cancer. Now here is the irony. Our other boxer Gabby died from a gran mal seizure this very afternoon from in our 23 year old grandson’s arms. Needless to say we are grieving terribly, but I had to share that story. It was just too strange not to.

Diana from CA